KKHolmes.com Policy & Privacy Statements


This website is designed to uplift and show support for the transgender and LGBTQ+ communities. This website is not for complaining or tearing down the spirit of others. All visitors and members may make requests for speaking engagements (calendar). Members may also post personal stories, videos and before and after photos. All visitors and members may advertise their services, request for banner and website design services. Visitors and members are encouraged to share KKholmes.com with family, friends and business associates. Members are encouraged to post special moments and experiences in stories which details specific experiences in transitioning or while interacting with the LGBTQ+ community and supporters. Membership is free, but your stories, videos and photos are limited. Your posts are reviewed and approved before displayed on the website. Only appropriate posts are approved. Remember this website is in support of the transgender and LGBTQ+ communities. If at any time these rules have been broken your membership will be revoked.


We respect the privacy of our members and visitors. KKHolmes.com is protected by an SSL certificate which encrypts data being transmitted over the internet, providing a safer environment for our members and visitors.

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