Stories of Transitioning Journeys

The question I ask myself and other Transgender people ask too is will our spouse ever find our clothes that we are dressing in clothes of the opposite sex. Crossdressers even ask themselves that same question: "Will my spouse or partner find my clothes. The last thing we want is that our partners to think we are cheating on them when we are not. Things I will tell you in this article only relates to me. I am sure that some of you who are Transgender, or a Crossdresser can and will relate to what I am about to write. Your spouse or partner will be wondering about whether you are Transgender or a Crossdresser if they are reading this, but please do not start questioning them. So, my story starts off like this, when I started dressing from the age of 13 util I finally understood who I was as a Transgender woman, 40 years later, I was hiding my clothes everywhere. My tag line and my TEDx Talk is and was "40 Years and Wandering No More". I am going to start off in 1989 when I got married for the second time to a wonderful and beautiful woman. I had stopped crossdressing almost a year before getting married to her, thinking I had kicked the habit. I really thought at that time getting married I was done with this lifestyle of crossdressing. A year into my marriage I could not stand it anymore and I started dressing again with my wife's clothes. Later as the weeks, months went by I started buying my own clothes again from the thrift shops. My big problem now was where in my apartment, and later in my home would I be hiding my clothes, which was a challenge. When we lived in the apartment at first, I could only hide my clothes in the trunk of my car. In my home later that we were renting I had a couple of places as well in the trunk of my car. I was able to tuck them in a gym bag and place the bag all the way in the back-placing things in front. I also hide clothes in the spare tire area in the trunk. In our new home I found a place in the basement in the furnace area. Later my stash of clothes got to be so much I had obtained a medium to a large box. Later, with certain clothes I would hide clothes inside of my dark shirts, and suits on my side in our shared closet. I would even hide my panties in the pockets of my suits or barely worn pants as well. I know that was a gutsy move hiding then in the closet, but when you are obsessed in something you will do anything. I would even switch out summer and winter clothes and placed in the attic knowing she would not go up there. So, when I hide my women's clothes, I always had to think and know where she would not go. There were a couple times my ex found my panties that I had washed and left them in the dryer. So, no matter what, I was always wondering and worried if she would find my clothes. My ex did question me about the panties, saying she felt I was still dressing. When she did question me, I always deny it. She knew I was not telling the truth, but I just kept saying I was not dressing anymore. The one thing she would always throw up in my face when she thought I was dressing was, "You would make an ugly woman". All I can say to her is, "Look at me now baby"! You can find my talk when you Google my name. You can email me at or visit my personal website at In my next article I'll talk about "Making A Difference is My Mission". Until then Shoot for the Moon and even if You Miss, You'll Be Among the STARS!
In July of 2019, I received a phone call from a Major Waddy with Prince George's County Police 3rd District. She called me due to a second murder of a transwomen in her district. I was asked if I wanted to help in some way to get the Trans Sex workers off the street because she didn't want to see anymore ladies murdered in Fairmont Heights, MD. This part of Eastern Ave is the border line between Fairmont Heights, MD and Washington DC NE. The Major told me that she was tired of playing ping pong with the ladies with DC Police. She told me she didn't really want to arrest them, because they would just end up back on the street. I told the Major I would love to help in any way I could to help solve the problem. The Major and I met on June 24, 2019 for a good hour and a half on what I could do. A plan was set that I would do Ride-A-Longs with her special unit that just patrols up and down Eastern Ave. from midnight until 5:30 am. Once I saw any of the ladies out there, the officer would stop for me and I would get out of the police car to talk with them. On July 12, 2019 I met Chief Hawk Stawinski with Prince George's County Police whom Major Waddy introduce me too. She explained to the Chief our plan on me working with the police doing the ride-a-longs. The Chief advised me that he would be grateful and anything he could do to help, to let him know. On July 18, 2019, I took my first ride-a-long with the special unit of Prince George's County Police. On this night I was able to stop and talk with three Transwomen. I wasn't sure of how they would respond to me getting out of a marked police car. When I approached them, I would say, "Hi my name is Karen, can I talk with you"? I did advise them I was not a police officer and I wanted to know if there was any way I could help get them off the streets. To their surprise I told them I was also Transgender. I was letting them know that I was putting a coalition together in Prince George's County, MD with Heart to Hand, Inc. I told the girls to remember my face and that I would be out here once or twice a month checking on them. I also told them when they see Prince George's County Police riding up and down Eastern Ave., that they just wanted to make sure they were safe, and not to arrest them. Some of plans I want to do, is to help them with a resume, and to sit across the table from them and roll play a job interview. I also would like to team up with a thrift store(s), Good Will or Salvation Army, that might donate clothes to the ladies to go to work in. I believe, we citizens donate clothes to them to sell, how about they donate clothes to the ladies who has a letter from the coalition. Since my first ride-a-long, I have met and talked with 22 Transwomen and they all have told me the same thing, that they want to get off the street, get a job and a home. Some do have a place to stay, and some will couch surf. One lady I talked with said she is renting a room, and it's hard to live there because she pays $400.00 a month, which is all of her disability check. She told me she doesn't want to stay in a shelter because it would be unsafe having to live with men. I feel I am reaching them slowly, because one of the women has called me twice. This week she called again saying she really wants to get off the streets now, because the other night she was raped. Tonight, February 22, 2020, I will do a ride-a-long to see if I can find her. You can find me at or visit my personal website at In my next article I'll talk about "God Has Me Here For A Reason". Until then Shoot for the Moon and even if You Miss, You'll Be Among the STARS!
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