Stories of Transitioning Journeys

This is my story. Hi ladies, my name is Felicia Lisa Brown of New Jersey. I was born on March 3rd I am 5'5" 155 pounds 38b 32 39 with real breast. My breasts are a result of having gynecomasia. As a child raised by a single mother until I was 10 I dreamed of being a female, and would wear my mother's clothes when I could. After my mother remarried I had fewer opportunities to me fem. Depth inside I have always had this feeling. After two marriages and one child I still feel this way. After 911 (2001) I had this strong feeling of how short life was and my fem side wanted out. I lost 40 pounds shaved my body and meet others that felt the way I did on the Internet. Kianna Brown was my mentor (via the internet) and gave me support. She mailed me my first wig. My wife is not aware of my feeling. I am purging right now due to the fact that my wife found some of my clothes in our attic. I told her they must have been left by the prior owner. This feeling of wanting to be fem is strong and confusing, I wish I had a place to go and keep my clothes and dress and go out one day with another CD that understood. Well until that time I just love chatting with all of you for support and understanding. By the way I wear a size 8 dress and 9 shoe and shop to fit an 8 one day. Thanks for your continue friendship and understanding, Felicia Brown" I am now size 6 and my wife does not like my female size...i now realize that I was born a woman in a male body. Thus bigender. ..i will have to continue as a male and be Felicia when I can
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